From providing electrical supplies to the shipping industry to market leading EX equipment supplier to the oil and gas industry globally – SA has had an exciting journey since our beginnings in 1924.

From providing electrical supplies to the shipping industry to market leading EX equipment supplier to the oil and gas industry globally – SA has had an exciting journey since our beginnings in 1924. In the 1960’s, the EX industry was in its early days and only a small number of products had been designed specifically for use in hazardous areas. When the North Sea oil boom began we saw an opportunity to grow alongside the oil and gas industry and to this day have never looked back.

SPE Offshore Europe 2017 has announced a central theme of “New Realities and Reinvention” which focuses on looking beyond cost savings and efficiency and embracing new technologies and business models. In recent years, SA Equip has done just this as we have grown our network globally, released world first products in the EX market and never been afraid to push the boundaries of technological capabilities.  

3 key qualities that have aided our success in the EX Market are:


So, what is innovation? To many it is about new ideas, new ways of thinking. To us it is a combination of these factors with an added ability to design and bring the ideas to life. The fast paced nature of the global oil and gas industry calls for action, not just ideas. SA Equip responds with fast-turn around to customers demand with innovative, practical equipment specifically designed for hazardous working areas.


Where would any business be in this world without a network – the simple answer is nowhere. In order to develop a strong presence in a marketplace you must branch out and speak with key contacts, develop long-term relationships and have a unique offering. We have focused on engaging with our customers, keeping them updated in our latest developments and offering comprehensive customer service from the very first phone call or meeting. We are a widely recognised market leader in EX certified equipment and we have got to the place we are today through learning about industry demands and providing practical solutions.  


Experience is a quality that many claim to have. However, when it comes to EX equipment we possess a wealth of experience that has enabled us to expand into a wide range of industries – like utilities, aerospace and petrochemicals. This experience has grown through grit, determination and a desire to exceed customer requirements and increase operational success.

Decades of experience enables us to recommend what we believe to be right for individual customer, therefore providing cost-effective solutions that transform into tangible business benefits.

SA Equip at Offshore Europe

We are getting ready for Offshore Europe 2017 and are excited to be bringing new innovations to the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and showcasing the products’ capabilities to a global audience. The future for SA Equip is bright as we are continuing to develop our global presence and connections in new market places.

Commenting on the future aspirations of the company, Mike Shimwell, Managing Director, said:

“Our long-term presence in the EX market has given us in-depth knowledge and experience in providing market leading EX Equipment that is specifically tailored and designed to aid our customers’ operational capabilities in hazardous environments.

We are excited to be returning to exhibit at Offshore Europe as it provides us with a great opportunity to engage with our customers face-to-face and further strengthen our position as a key supplier in EX Equipment to the oil and gas industry. The theme of “New Realities and Reinvention” has inspired our team to keep pushing the boundaries and developing products which will be instrumental to the EX Market in the near future.”