Never underestimate the importance of lighting in rope access

The offshore oil and gas industry is renowned for having extremely strict safety requirements and regulations.


The offshore oil and gas industry is renowned for having extremely strict safety requirements and regulations. Due to limited space on offshore rigs and platforms there is often high demands for the specialist services of rope access workers.

We all know dangling hundreds of feet off the side of large structures is not for the faint hearted. Rope access technicians are highly qualified individuals who have completed extensive training to prepare them for the tough environments and conditions they are subject to daily. They are commonly called upon to conduct work in confined and hard to reach areas. This possess several challenges including insufficient lighting, adverse conditions and limited space or accessibility. Additionally, environmental factors including high winds and extreme temperatures can massively impact offshore rope access work scopes.

Workers must be vigilant, take all safety precautions to limit risks and utilise the best equipment the market can offer before venturing into confined spaces. Sourcing safe and reliable lighting must be a priority as utilising reliable portable EX lighting products can improve safety whilst potentially saving lives in hazardous environments. Better visibility will enable potential hazards to be spotted before they can become dangerous and reduce the likelihood of project delays. All lighting equipment used in hazardous and confined spaces needs to be suitable for use in extreme temperatures and capable of withstanding adverse conditions, while maintaining efficiency.

Durable hands-free lighting

In many confined space projects workers only light source will be a head torch. If this is the case, ensuring the equipment it is fit for purpose is essential to maintain safe working conditions. The ability to work hands-free is extremely important and can help workers cope better in already restricted space. Head torches need to provide a high level of brightness, long-run time and clear output for challenging tasks in confined and hazardous environments.

In certain scenarios a stronger spread of light is required, this is where portable task lighting can play an integral role. SA Equip offers a powerful, rechargeable tasklight which provides a light output of 600 lux at 1m and can be securely fastened to technicians using a body holster enabling hands free operation.         

SA Equip offer a comprehensive range of ATEX & IECEx hand and head torches designed for years of constant use in the most demanding environments. To find out more about the range call our dedicated team om +44 (0) 333 240 6111, email or visit

SA ATEX flashlight held in the dark
EX600 Headtorch on a black background