Smart Safety: Renting Portable EX Equipment for Hazardous Environments

Renting Portable EX Equipment for Hazardous Environments | SA Equip

In high-risk industries, there’s no margin for error – and the safety of personnel always has to come first.  At SA Equip, we’ve devoted more than 60 years to the development of specialised equipment solutions that enable people to work safely and efficiently in some of the most challenging commercial environments on earth.

We’re a trusted supplier of portable, explosion-proof heating, lighting, ventilation and power supply equipment that enables UK companies in demanding sectors to work almost anywhere – but in addition to sales, a growing part of our business is equipment hire.

So why would you want to hire EX equipment rather than buying?  In this blog, we’ll delve into the advantages of renting such equipment from a reliable and experienced company, and how it can enhance both safety and productivity while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Renting EX equipment

SA Equip EX equipment rental

In high-risk industries, the decision to rent portable EX equipment instead of purchasing it outright can be a strategic advantage – particularly when you don’t depend on this equipment for the day-to-day operations of your business.  Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of EX equipment hire:

Versatility for One-Off Projects

Projects in the military, oil & gas, petrochemicals, utilities, renewables and construction industries are often unique one-offs that require a completely bespoke approach.  Hiring EX equipment means you can assemble the exact configuration required for a one-off project – there’s no need to ‘make do’ with what you have, or blow the budget on equipment you may not use again for a year or even longer.  Safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are optimised, while long-term costs and storage concerns are eliminated.

Cost Savings

Investing in high-quality portable EX equipment can be capital-intensive, especially when you’re involved in unique projects.  Hiring this equipment avoids that initial outlay, enabling you to manage budgets more efficiently and allowing you to divert funds to other critical aspects of a project.

Access to Latest Technology

Technology in the field of hazardous environment equipment is continually evolving. When you buy this equipment outright, you have to accept that within a relatively short period of time, your equipment will likely be outdated – and possibly no longer compliant with the very latest safety standards. In high-risk industries, making sure your personnel are always working with the most advanced technology available represents your commitment to both safety and operational excellence. Hiring from SA Equip, where we are continually updating our hire products in line with advancing technology, can help you stay at the cutting edge.

Meeting Seasonal Demand

In some industries, hazardous operations are seasonal. Hiring EX equipment only when required means you avoid the initial capital investment and ongoing equipment storage costs, while making sure your team is always using the latest technology.

Why choose SA Equip for EX equipment hire?

Just as if you were purchasing EX equipment, when hiring this kit it’s vital to partner with an organisation that offers the expertise, flexibility and trust you need to obtain a solution that meets all the specific needs and objectives of your operations or projects.

SA Equip have been providing support to high-risk industries since 1924.  Our business has developed cheek-by-jowl with the oil and gas industry, including high-risk offshore and underground operations – and the expertise we gained in these fields from the 1960s onwards has seen us expand into many other highly specialised sectors including nuclear, aviation, shipping, pharmaceutical and defence.

Whatever your requirements, we have the knowledge and the equipment you need to get the job done safely.  You can rent directly from SA Equip, or via our UK-wide network of rental partners.  Here are some of the key reasons to choose SA Equip:

1. Unmatched expertise

SA Equip’s expertise has been honed over many years in the field of hazardous environment solutions – in many cases working closely with the industries we serve to develop specific solutions for their needs.   As a result, our professional team has unrivalled understanding of these industries and their challenges, while our equipment meets the highest safety and regulatory compliance standards, including ATEX, IECEx, UKEX and INMETRO.

2. Responsive and versatile

SA Equip’s comprehensive range of portable EX equipment is designed to address the unique challenges of many different industries. Whether it’s providing reliable heating solutions in frigid environments, ensuring efficient lighting in dimly lit areas, or maintaining a constant power supply in remote locations, our equipment is engineered to excel and meticulously maintained, allowing you to tackle even the most challenging environments with confidence.

3. Uncompromising safety

Safety is non-negotiable in dangerous environments. Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks, guaranteeing that it meets or exceeds all necessary safety standards. Hiring your EX equipment from us means you can confidently execute any project while ensuring the wellbeing of your workforce and assets.

Want to find out more?

SA Equip’s rental solutions offer the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering safety for hazardous environments. With our expert team and cutting-edge equipment at your disposal, you can embrace challenges with confidence, knowing that you have the support of a seasoned industry leader by your side.

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