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Mitigating risks during Bonded Warehouse maintenance work


SA Equip




Creation of a safer working environment for employees and increased stock protection


  • Within the brewing and distilling industry, in spirit handling areas and pumps rooms etc.  The use of efficient ventilation is crucial to remove vapours at low points in work areas. These precautions will positively impact the working environment, reducing the risk of secondary explosion hazards.
  • A distillery operator was completing maintenance work in their bonded warehouses to remove asbestos in the roof. During this work, a platform was implemented and sheeted to protect the barrels from asbestos. This created a contained space that was not sufficiently ventilated, with the fumes from the barrels this made it a hazardous area.
  • SA Equip were requested to provide a range of ATEX certified fans and ducting for the maintenance work and provide an overview of recommended precautions to adopt in this environment.

SA Equip Solutions

  • SA Equip provided a range of SA CYCLONE Air Movers – 40cm, ATEX Certified and varied lengths of SA CYCLONE Antistatic Ducting to create efficient airflow in the hazardous environment.
  • The efficient ventilation measures and creation of increased airflow reduced the risk of explosion.

Value to the customer

  • Creation of a safer working environment for employees and increased stock protection
  • SA Equip were able to provide the required size and versatile EX Certified Fans for the maintenance schedule
  • Increased airflow without the risk of explosion within the hazardous environment

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