August 15, 2023

Smart Safety: Renting Portable EX Equipment for Hazardous Environments

Renting Portable EX Equipment for Hazardous Environments | SA Equip

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Selecting the right lighting for zoned gas and dust areas blog
August 1, 2023

How to Select the Right Lighting for Zone Gas and Dust Environments

Any professional team will be aware that creating a safe and well-illuminated work environment is crucial. This is especially true in areas where gas and dust hazards are present, where properly-selected lighting plays a vital role in ensuring visibility, productivity and – most importantly – the health and safety of workers. Depending on the nature […]

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June 20, 2023

Why Managing Hydrogen Risk Starts With The Right Equipment

Thanks to hydrogen being seen as a cutting-edge energy source for the near future by many investors and businesses alike, as a topic it’s rarely far from the headlines. One result of this development? If your workplace hasn’t started talking about the risks of working around hydrogen then you may well be hearing about it […]

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May 23, 2023

Planning an Offshore Shutdown? Some Costly Errors to Avoid

Because cost-efficiency is more important than ever for oil and gas sector shutdown projects, we’ve compiled essential insights for superb shutdown equipment ROI.

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SA CYCLONE Negative Pressure Unit is an EX compliant system for providing a controlled negative pressure inside a temporary habitat, and meets the requirements of BS8520 Part 2 and HSE Guidance HS247. Developed to be used when carrying out asbestos removal in potentially flammable atmospheres, it can also be used in other scenarios where negative pressure is required, including when removing lead-based paint. Designed as part of the SA CYCLONE modular system, the NPU is used with the SA CYCLONE Air Mover and Ducting, to create a total EX compliant solution for use in hazardous zones 1 and 2.
May 10, 2023

Essential Negative Pressure Unit Insights

Click to discover expert Negative Pressure Unit advice designed to help pick the right equipment for your project. Includes specialist pro-tips from our EX equipment team.

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Image of SA CYCLONE EX, UKCA air mover, filtration unit and ducting for ATEX ventilation and confined space safety blog.
March 27, 2023

ATEX Ventilation & Your Confined Space Project

Confined Space Safety Starts With The Right ATEX Ventilation: Here’s Why If you’re a professional working in a heavy industry sector, you’ll know that unsafe conditions for confined space working can have fatal consequences. You’ll probably also be aware that proper ATEX ventilation is, therefore, of lifesaving importance for operatives on-site. But what are all […]

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March 1, 2023

Making Light Work of Illuminating Hazardous Areas

Highly reliable and totally safe, our SA LUMIN Vessel Entry Kits are vital when both access and worker wellbeing are at a premium. This versatile 24V vessel entry lighting system allows work in hazardous and confined conditions – including Zone 1 areas where the risk of electric shock means a reduced voltage is the safest […]

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combustible dust explosions blog by portable EX hazardous area certified equipment specialists SA Equip
January 17, 2023

Combustible Dust Explosions: Why They Happen (And How to Reduce Your Risk)

A dust cloud explosion is a risk your workplace simply must mitigate for two unmissable reasons: the potentially lethal nature of the knock-on effects and because a serious explosion involving a seemly harmless substance can easily occur. After all, one explosion – a 1981 blast at a plant in Banbury, England – involved custard powder […]

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September 20, 2022

The Importance of ATEX Plugs, Sockets and Couplers: What You Need to Know

Every ATEX plug, socket or couplers designed for hazardous area working features an upgraded specification for very good reasons. Our visual guide is designed to be an at-a-glance reminder of the benefits of, and options available for, ATEX plugs, sockets and couplers. Feel free to use our image for training and reference purposes. Questions? Simply contact one […]

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August 2, 2022

Expecting a Utilities Sector Project? Read This!

UTILITIES AND SAFETY: EQUIPPING FOR A SAFER WORKSITE Working on a project in the utilities industry carries a wide range of risks. However, one truism remains a constant: equipping properly with the latest specialist equipment will help to create a safer, more efficient project. We’ve compiled this overview of the main worksite dangers to be […]

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