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IntroEx hazardous area awareness

IntroEx hazardous area awareness

CompEx, a certification body, has created IntroEx, a new, free digital knowledge and awareness tool designed to test an individual’s basic understanding of explosive (Ex) atmospheres.

IntroEx content is freely available to all and suitable for a wide range of users, from employers who operate within Ex environments to non-technical personnel who require an understanding of Ex essentials.

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Understanding Ex Safety

A wide number of industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemicals, utilities, and energy, are supported by CompEx credentials. But how well-versed in Ex safety’s fundamentals are organisations and their employees?

Ex basics

IntroEx is a free to use tool which gives users a general introduction of some of the primary concepts behind explosive atmospheres.

The content, which takes about 20 minutes to finish, covers the following topics:

  1. What creates a fire or explosion?
  2. Key terms and definitions associated with explosive atmospheres
  3. Common industrial settings where explosive atmospheres may exist
  4. Examples of common ignition sources
  5. Basic introduction of hazardous area classification

What do you know about Explosive Atmospheres?

With the user-friendly awareness tool, IntroEx, you can test your awareness of Ex.How much do you know about the basic principles of Ex? Do you understand the dangers? Do you understand the distinction between Zones 0 and 2? These are all simple yet important ex-questions if you are:

  1. An employer that operates within Ex environments
  2. Employed by an organisation that operates within Ex environments
  3. A manager of staff who work in potentially explosive areas
  4. Non-technical personnel who require an understanding of basic Ex principles
  5. Recently qualified technicians who wish to develop their knowledge prior to undertaking more technical CompEx qualifications

Please be aware that the purpose of this module is merely to give a concise overview and introduction to a few of the fundamental concepts that support safe working in hazardous environments. It is provided for information and awareness purposes only and should not be considered or used as an assessment of competence.


Access the CompEx Ex knowledge and awareness tool.