June 16, 2022

Extracting fumes out of a small, tight confined space in the air handling units.

Challenges: Wood Group had a big project of welding and painting in small compartments of the ship. This meant that the fumes had to be extracted to achieve a workable environment. Solution: Extracted the fumes out of a 9 story high shim and in the air handling units, by linking SA CYCLONE Air Mover 40cm […]

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Distillery Whisky
April 25, 2022

Mitigating risks during Bonded Warehouse maintenance work

Challenges Within the brewing and distilling industry, in spirit handling areas and pumps rooms etc.  The use of efficient ventilation is crucial to remove vapours at low points in work areas. These precautions will positively impact the working environment, reducing the risk of secondary explosion hazards. A distillery operator was completing maintenance work in their […]

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