Essential On-Site Heating Insights

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Imagine the cost and disruption caused by downtime on an offshore rig as a result of, say, a piece of fire safety equipment being frozen. The result of that one item being out of use? The need for a heating system to be flown in by helicopter while downtime eats into the rig’s performance figures.

This simple, real-life scenario is a great reminder of a simple rule we advise every client to follow: temporary heating is a standby essential, just like a first aid kit, and not a reactive cure to source when it’s too late.

Budget is being wasted needlessly if work has begun on-site and it’s then discovered that temporary heating is essential to continue. Here’s how to avoid that cost…


On-site heating means much more than simply keeping operatives warm. And it isn’t just used in winter.

Two types of temporary heating perform some essential functions…


Better thought of as ‘heating jackets’, these plug and play items have multiple uses and are a superb standby to help avoid on-site delays.


A must-have for bringing up to temperature for painting or to help a coating dry, a heater made for on-site performance can keep work on track and reduce downtime in hazardous conditions.

We also recommend keeping in mind that heating isn’t just needed during the colder months. We’ve seen our products used in the North Sea during summer and in these cases, our clients are glad they’d kept temporary heating options close to hand!

Important note: On-site temporary heating is also insurance against year-round, unexpected events such as lagging damaged by a storm, trace heating failing or sudden failure of ageing equipment.


Thankfully our certified equipment, each purpose-designed to help avoid delays by keeping a site working, has been proven to perform in tough conditions.

We often recommend these tried and tested units…

1, SA EX HEATING JACKETS: A safe, effective and super-fast alternative to expensive and complex systems, a jacket can simply and quickly wrap around pipes – or other areas – wherever low temperatures cause the contents to wax and solidify. Can be installed by one operative within seconds.

• ATEX and IECEx Certified for Zones 1 and 2 (gas), 21 and 22 (dust)

• Operational in temperatures as low as -40°C

• Tough and durable

• Highly portable and lightweight

• Rapid and easy to install

• Different size options – 400mm, 700mm, & 1000mm (narrow)

• Available in 110V & 230V versions

• Self-regulating heat output

• No additional equipment required

• Options allow for virtually any sized pipe

• Suitable for straight or curved pipework

• Linkable

Also available: EX HIGH POWER HEATING JACKETS offer additional specification…

• Operational in temperatures as low as -50°C

• Available in 230V

• Self-regulating heat output of 120°C

2, SA FLEXIHEAT EX HEATER: Plug and play, reliable performance in a lightweight, portable design. Fully certified for use in hazardous zones classified as 1 or 2, this 440V ATEX heater allows the user to meet temperature requirements effectively and maintain optimum working conditions in temperatures as low as -40°C.

• IP65 Rated

• 18kW Output at 440V

• Produces Airflow at 2560m3/HR

• Solid-state electronic control system

• Marine grade materials

• Multiple lifting handles

• Optimised heating element design

• Can be used with or without ducting

• Compatible with SA CYCLONE DUCTING

• Compatible with SA POWERNET MDU

To find out more about SA Equip portable EX heating simply contact our specialist team – we’re here to help.

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